Rob and Nick Carter

Painters Palette
5 hour 20 minute 12-channel looped video installation
1692 × 3884 mm | 66 5/8 × 152 15/16 inedition of 3 + 2 artists’ proofs


Hugo Wilson Neil Gall Jake Wood Evans Caroline Walker
Will Ayres Flora Yukhnovich Katherine Tulloh Susie Hamilton
Jonathan Yeo Ben Johnson Geraldine Swayne Charming Baker


Filmed directly from above and with only the 12 artists’ working hands captured in the shot, Painters Palette traces the highly physical, intuitive and distinctive cadences of artistic thought in action, as they dab, mix and coax the pigments to their will. The painters work in a variety of medi, ranging from oil to acrylic, watercolour and enamel, and were drawn widely from Rob and Nick Carter’s circle of friends, including Jonathan Yeo and rising stars Flora Yukhnovich and Caroline Walker. As a counterpoint to the Dark Factory Portraits, Painters Palette is a joyful and compelling celebration of the dexterity of the human hand and the virtuosity of the brain.


Included in:

RNat5A, London
30 July 2020 – 30 January 2021

Ben Brown Fine Arts, London
11 February – 24 July 2020